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Almost done with my first day of my juicing cleanse. This cleanse is going so much better than last time. Last time I just kinda jumped into without doing any research or trying juices or even making juices. It went ok but I was miserable. I was super hungry, no energy, and just felt bad… Now after the 3-day juice cleanse was over I felt a lot better and even lost some weight. But this time I am determined not to hate my life for a week!!!

This time I am juicing longer, sticking to juices I know and love, allowing myself to eat 2 cucumbers a day, and adding chia seeds to every juice. I have also already weened myself off most processed foods and had a 75% liquid diet the week before cleansing. I feel SOOOOO much better than last time. I do have a slight headache but I think that also has to do with me quitting smoking. Also last time I did not really exercise, this time I am planning on walking (even if it is for just 20 minutes) everyday. I am not doing anything to hard on my body because I am not taking in a lot of calories.

Even though I haven’t really decided on when my juice cleanse is going to end I have decided on my plan for after the cleanse. I am going to have an all raw/vegan diet for the first couple f weeks then slowly add back foods until I have my clean eating lifestyle back. This will help my digestive tract and my body. Even though I am not doing this cleanse to lose weight, I still don’t want to gain weight from coming off of the cleanse, so this is why I am using a raw/vegan diet for the first couple weeks.




So I have exciting news times three!!!! First off I reached a milestone today and weigh under 200. Which is huge for me because I never could seem to get past 202 lbs in the past. Very happy about that!

The second being I had a phone interview with a local humane society yesterday. I have my actually interview next week. Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of working in a place like this so my fingers are crossed!

And I saved the best for last!
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I haven’t been on here a lot because I have been under the weather. I have two wisdom teeth coming in at the same time. One is coming in through the side of my gum and the other has caused an infection and my lymph nodes are swollen. Needless to say I haven’t felt like doing anything, not even cooking :(…

So leaving the kitchen duties to my husband has not worked out as well as I had hoped. I haven’t been eating clean at all these past couple days. So how do I plan to change that?  I am having a juice cleanse to restart my body. I am hoping to go at least a week. I believe getting all the toxins out of my body will help my infection and swelling. I am not going to beat myself up for “messing up” because I don’t believe I did. I feel that this is part of my journey that is necessary. Truth is I have missed juicing and clean eating. And I am so incredibly proud of myself for continuing with my journey instead of throwing in the towel.

So many times I have gave up on some diet because I ate one bad thing… Reality is I was just making an excuse to get off the diet because I wasn’t happy or fulfilled  Clean eating makes me happy, I don’t have to starve myself or eat bland foods, and I feel wonderful.

Instead of feeling bad for myself and making excuse I am doing something about it! New year, new me!!!

The Healthy Housewife 🙂

Me and my husband went out to eat to celebrate his promotion. It is very hard to eat 100% clean and unprocessed food when eating out, but this was a special occasion and I decided that even though I couldn’t eat clean I would at least eat healthy. I ate a piece of bread that came with the meal, a salad with dressing on the side and a water to drink. Well my mom had called me right after we had finished eating and said “Eating out doesn’t really fit into the “diet thing” you are TRYING to do”

That rubbed me the wrong way for a number of reasons… 1) Clean eating is not a DIET it is a lifestyle.  2) Just because my lifestyle has changed doesn’t mean I am to never eat outside of my house again. It means when I do eat out I need to make healthy decisions. 3) My lifestyle is for me… I am not doing this to impress anyone or to prove anything. I am doing this for myself and I love it!

I love my mom to death and she is one of my best friends but she has hurt my feelings a lot in the past over my weight. Me and her use to be about the same size. But every since she dropped 50 pounds she looks down on me for being overweight. She lost her weight by cutting down her soft drinks and practically starving herself. Now she is in a size 4 and weighs 110 pounds soaking wet.. to me she looks sick. But anyway…. She has made fun of me for how much I ate, in front of my friends, she has a count of all the food in her house and tells me if I ate anything after she went to bed, she has said “God, did you really eat ALL of that!”, and she tells me that if I just cut out soft drinks and only eat one meal a day I could be the same size as her.

When I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I assumed that I wouldn’t ever have anyone, including myself, look down on me because of what I ate. Even though I have changed my life for me it still is difficult to know that I still get looked down on when I have a salad… I know what I am doing is the best thing for myself and my life, I have never felt better. And I feel as long as I am living a healthy lifestyle my weight will come off.

I guess this is my venting/feel sorry for my self post. Just feeling a bit discouraged is all… I am sure when I wake up tomorrow this will make me just push harder because no matter what, I AM NOT GIVING UP!

The HEALTHY Housewife 🙂

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I decided I would share my before and after since I started eating clean. If you have been following me you know that I believe in being healthy and making healthy choices and I truly don’t care anymore about what the scale says. Depending on the scale so much as lead me to fail with weight loss so many times because I wouldn’t see the number I thought I was suppose to see and I got real discouraged! I started juicing about a couple weeks ago and I started my journey to find cleaner foods around then too. Since then I have dropped 10 pounds but what is more impressive to me is how how my giant bloated stomach has formed into a half way normal looking tummy. I still have a long way to go but I wanted to share why clean eating is so important to me! In only 2 weeks I can see a big change in how I feel and look. If I put junk food in my body I literally get sick. My body now craves unprocessed food!  It is an awesome feeling for sure!

The Healthy Housewife 🙂

Portion control is BIG with getting healthy!!! Something that helps me with portion control is creating healthy meals for a several weeks in advance and portion them out to freeze.
It helps me mainly because I don’t have to measure out anything while I’m hungry. Which usually means I will portion out a little bit over my serving size.
Having everything pre made and portioned out saves me time and I am a lit less likely to go through the drive thru or order takeout!
It also saves money because I buy my food in bulk. So win, win for me!!!

This came to my mind while I was watching past episodes on “The Biggest Loser” (Awesome show for motivation!). Something everyone has problems with is portion control. Even healthy food that “over portioned” is NOT good!!!

*Sorry for the post being a little spacey and not well written. My laptop died today and I’m on my phone that the battery is really low on!!* 😉

Just a little tip!
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The Healthy Housewife 🙂

I would always choose goals that made me become obsessed with what the scale said. This time I tried a different approach. I made a list of goals that were simply things I wanted to do but never thought I could because of my weight.

Some stuff as simple as wearing shorts or going swimming (both things I wouldn’t do because I was ashamed of my body), other stuff that would push me, like running a 5K.

Once I stopped putting so much pressure on the scale to give me my magic number I found I was less stressed about being healthy. I started focusing on one day at a time. Trying to push myself more and more each day. Not because I wanted to reach a certain weight but because I wanted to be healthy.

For me, any day I choose to be healthy is way more important than what a scale says!