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Not a whole lot has happened this week besides for a PMSing crazy lady breakdown in the store. The crazy lady being me!

Me and the hubs went shopping and we were at a store I had only been to once. I had a long grocery list and was already stressed. See I get easily stressed out about the smallest things, such as meal planning, grocery shopping, plans, my animals, and life in general. Usually I can contain myself and handle it like a sane person but this week was different! I am still convincing the hubby that healthy, clean meals are just as good and cheap as unhealthy meals. He has been a trooper and supports me so much. It still is added pressure on me though. I am making food that I never have before and eating foods that 3 weeks ago I didn’t even know what they were. On top of all that I was about to have my lady time. Two days out of the month I turn into a monster that gets ill if  my husband opens a door wrong. Bless his heart, he takes my abuse and still loves me.

OK… Got a little sidetracked… Back to my story. So in the grocery store with a long list of food that I had no clue where it was. I didn’t want to look like I was stupid so instead of asking the people who worked there, I figured I would just wonder around the store like a lost child. An HOUR later and not even half my list checked off, the stress was building. My husband had stepped outside to take a call from work and I was alone. I pushed my cart to the corner of the store and started to cry. Not like a little tear rolling down my cheek but a full on bawl session. Someone came up to me (I am sure someone who worked there) asked me if I was okay… I said “My food! I can’t find my food!” then started pulling stuff out of my cart and handing it to this random person. Not sure why I did any of that…. Then my sanity kicked in for a second and I realized what I was doing… I grabbed my wallet and list and took off in a marathon run out of the store.

At the time I was so embarrassed I couldn’t bring myself to go back into the store. This was a very low point in my life.

The next day I woke up and laughed, picked myself up, and headed back to the store with my head held high! Managed to get everything on my list and vowed that I would never go shopping while I was insane PMSing lady every again!

Moral of the story 1)Always laugh at yourself 2)Don’t cry in the corner of a grocery store!

The Healthy Housewife 🙂


The last post I made I talked about the things I never thought I would say to my cat. Basically how much of a handful he is! And here is proof that he is a big meany that thinks he owns the house….

Since I posted the “Cat List” he has stolen my seat and when I tried to share he started to literally try and push me out of the chair. He gives up and I get up to go pee and come back to this… He not only stole my chair, he is giving me the stink eye! (Side Note: He only has one eye). Just thought I would let you see what I am dealing with as I am typing 😉

I figured I would start doing a “Random Thursday” post every week. Just stuff that happens in my simple life that I find amusing. Nothing about weight loss, juicing, or being healthy.


Things I never thought I would have to say to my cat… But do on a daily basis:
1) “Stop chewing on my table”
2) “Give me back my lighter, watch, toe nail clippers and my socks”
3) “Stop hiding all my stuff under the oven”
4) “Stop abusing me for ice!”
5) “Hold still while I pull the shoe string out of your throat”
5) “Get out of the dishwasher”
6) “Stop taking my blinds down”

The weird award has to go to:
7) “Stop humping my stuff animals”

And his newest obsession:
8) “Quit pulling down my sweatpants!”

Now it could be lack of sleep as the reason I find this so amusing… One thing is for sure, He Keeps Me On My Toes!