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Instead of going to our local farmer’s market we decided to see how much it would cost to go to a “regular” store. I have heard the excuse that the reason someone choose not to eat clean is because they are not close to a farmer’s market or organic store… Also the big excise still stands that “it is too expensive to eat unprocessed food”. Now I know everyone has different budgets and lifestyles and I don’t expect everyone to do 100% unprocessed… I know I still have some trouble with eating 100% unprocessed because honestly processed foods are easier and quicker to fix. The goal is to simply make a lot of small steps towards a fully clean lifestyle.

As I said before our budget for food before clean eating was $300 a month, which comes out to $75 a week for 2 adults. My goal is to keep it there or under. For the second week I have kept my budget! This time even better than last!

Our menu plan is a total of 6 juices, 4 smoothies, 4 different snack, and 4 meals. You can find the full list here. We use juices and smoothies as meal replacements and we also normally have leftovers from our meals.

Our total was…..


Right on budget! We shopped at Wal-Mart this week. The prices for things other than fruits and veggies are so much cheaper. Still just as unprocessed as the organic store. Not to excited about the quality of the fruits and veggies so next week I will buy my produce at the farmers market and everything else probably at the commissary here on base.

Now time to post some “Yummyness Approved” recipes!!!

The Healthy Housewife 🙂

Me and my husband went out to eat to celebrate his promotion. It is very hard to eat 100% clean and unprocessed food when eating out, but this was a special occasion and I decided that even though I couldn’t eat clean I would at least eat healthy. I ate a piece of bread that came with the meal, a salad with dressing on the side and a water to drink. Well my mom had called me right after we had finished eating and said “Eating out doesn’t really fit into the “diet thing” you are TRYING to do”

That rubbed me the wrong way for a number of reasons… 1) Clean eating is not a DIET it is a lifestyle.  2) Just because my lifestyle has changed doesn’t mean I am to never eat outside of my house again. It means when I do eat out I need to make healthy decisions. 3) My lifestyle is for me… I am not doing this to impress anyone or to prove anything. I am doing this for myself and I love it!

I love my mom to death and she is one of my best friends but she has hurt my feelings a lot in the past over my weight. Me and her use to be about the same size. But every since she dropped 50 pounds she looks down on me for being overweight. She lost her weight by cutting down her soft drinks and practically starving herself. Now she is in a size 4 and weighs 110 pounds soaking wet.. to me she looks sick. But anyway…. She has made fun of me for how much I ate, in front of my friends, she has a count of all the food in her house and tells me if I ate anything after she went to bed, she has said “God, did you really eat ALL of that!”, and she tells me that if I just cut out soft drinks and only eat one meal a day I could be the same size as her.

When I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I assumed that I wouldn’t ever have anyone, including myself, look down on me because of what I ate. Even though I have changed my life for me it still is difficult to know that I still get looked down on when I have a salad… I know what I am doing is the best thing for myself and my life, I have never felt better. And I feel as long as I am living a healthy lifestyle my weight will come off.

I guess this is my venting/feel sorry for my self post. Just feeling a bit discouraged is all… I am sure when I wake up tomorrow this will make me just push harder because no matter what, I AM NOT GIVING UP!

The HEALTHY Housewife 🙂