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I have cooked some meals that get my stamp of yummyness for sure! I have been a little slack posting the recipes on here. As soon as we finish shopping, going to the doggie park, and play some tennis I will post my recipe for hummus and Black-Eyed Pea Stew. Both are so good!!! I am also trying a couple new juices and adding a couple smoothies to our diet! I am very excited about that because I LOVE my juices!!!!!  ;). I am hoping to add a few green smoothies to our diet… If anyone has any suggestions to some I would love to hear!!! I am a weirdo about something tasting “too green”, my taste buds haven’t evolved too much yet where I can stomach SUPER green juices or smoothies.

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 After about a week of not having any clean choices, besides my juice, I FINALLY get to go to the store! I am more excited about this trip than any other because it is my first all clean shopping list! I was so excited I actually organized my list instead of having a bunch of random things, that will HOPEFULLY make a meal and if it does it isn’t going to be that healthy. I am actually buying snacks (which I never do)! And because I am so excited I am rambling, again… I find that I am doing that a lot! Anyway, here is my menu plan for the next week, or so. Once they have my “Stamp of Yummyness” I will post the recipe!

California Taco Salad
Cheesy Tortilla Pie
Salmon Patties with Sautéed Veggies
Black-Eyed Pea, Potato, and Collard Stew
Squash Ravioli with Tomato Sage Sauce
Baked-Bow Tie Pasta

Everything Else (Snacks, sides, drinks, etc):
Hard boiled Eggs
Greek Yogurt
Raw Almonds
Homemade Garlic Hummus with homemade Pita Chips
Cooked Dry Beans
Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk
My Yum-Yum Juice (AKA Cranberry Citrus Juice, the recipe is here)

I will also make a post about what I spent for week worth of clean eating for two! Most of the recipes I found were budget friendly and/or had only a few ingredients. We normally have a budget of about $300-$400 a month for groceries. I am hoping that grocery bill will stay about the same (or even cheaper!) with clean eating vs unhealthy.

Another note: I am shopping at a chain Farmer’s Market. We went there last week for the first time for our juicing cleanse and that had great selection for fairly good price!

Now quick nap time!!!

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