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At the end of my 2nd day of juicing, I feel great! I have lost 3 pounds so far! Sad news though…. My juicer has decided to go to juicer heaven :(…. I just got finished making my juice and noticed that it didn’t make a lot of juice… as I was cleaning it out I saw that the “pulp” was large chunks of fruits and veggies…. My wonderful husband has had “kitchen duties” and put my juicer blade in the dishwasher (for those who don’t know it can cause the blade to rust and become dull)… Sigh…. So I am having to take a short break on my juicing until my new juicer comes in… In the meantime I will be eating a raw/vegan diet…

I hate that I have to quit so early but I’m not going to sit around and cry about it!!!

Juice Cleanse…. to be continued….

The Healthy Housewife ūüôā

Almost done with my first day of my juicing cleanse. This cleanse is going so much better than last time. Last time I just kinda jumped into without doing any¬†research¬†or trying juices or even making juices. It went ok but I was miserable. I was super¬†hungry, no energy, and just felt bad… Now after the 3-day juice cleanse was over I felt a lot better and even lost some weight. But this time I am determined not to hate my life for a week!!!

This time I am juicing longer, sticking to juices I know and love, allowing myself to eat 2 cucumbers a day, and adding chia seeds to every juice. I have also already weened myself off most processed foods and had a 75% liquid diet the week before cleansing. I feel SOOOOO much better than last time. I do have a slight headache but I think that also has to do with me quitting smoking. Also last time I did not really exercise, this time I am planning on walking (even if it is for just 20 minutes) everyday. I am not doing anything to hard on my body because I am not taking in a lot of calories.

Even though I haven’t really decided on when my juice cleanse is going to end I have decided on my plan for after the cleanse. I am going to have an all raw/vegan diet for the first couple f weeks then slowly add back foods until I have my clean eating lifestyle back. This will help my digestive tract and my body. Even though I am not doing this cleanse to lose weight, I still don’t want to gain weight from coming off of the cleanse, so this is why I am using a raw/vegan diet for the first couple weeks.



For the first week of my juicing cleanse I am having the following juices:

My Yum-Yum Juice (Cranberry Citrus)

1Cup Cranberries
1 Orange, peeled
1 Apple
1 Squash
4-6 Collard Leaves

Apple Green Grape

3 Apples
1 Cup Green Grapes
1 Lemon wedge

Red Juice

1 Cup Raspberries
1 Cup Strawberries
2 Apples

The plan I am doing is drinking 3 juices and eating 2 cucumbers a day. Using these 3 recipes, for a full week, you will need:

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I had a delay in my juicing. I was unable to go to the store until this afternoon so I am starting when I wake up tomorrow. I have however kept my goal to quit smoking!!!!!!!! I am very proud of myself! And even more ready for tomorrow.

I got over my fear from my last post. I am ready to go full charge!!! No matter what happens :). I figure I gotta stay positive and keep going or I will never accomplish anything.

Tomorrow I will post the juicing recipes, what you need for this week juicing cleanse (using my three juices), and what I spent for a week juice cleanse ūüôā

The Healthy Housewife ūüôā

So happy that tomorrow I will be placing my order for a NEW juicer and vacuum sealer (so I can make juice for a week at a time)!!!!
I am starting my cleanse Saturday even though my new juicer won’t be here until next week. My body is really telling me I need to do this! I am hoping to do this for at least a few weeks.

Since me and the hubs have decided to try and have a baby, I want to make sure all the toxins are out of my body and I am as healthy as I can be. Hopefully my PCOS will start to get better within the month and I won’t have to rely on going to the doctor.

I will have 3 different juices each week. The first week I am going to stick to the juices I have already have had, just going to add chia seeds to them for extra protein and to make me feel more full.

I am also going to quit smoking starting Saturday. The second week I am going to cut out Internet and phone and the third week I am cutting out T.V. and the rest of my list I posted earlier this week. I think that will help me succeed better than cutting out everything at one time. I know the first week is going to be the hardest. Not only getting use to juicing but not smoking. Both will be huge and I feel sorry for my husband ;).

The juices I am going to have this week are; My Yum-Yum Juice (cranberry citrus), The Red Juice, and Apple Green Grape. As I posted before I am having 3 juices and 2 cucumbers daily. And of course all the water I can possible drink. Once I go to the store tomorrow I will put a list of exactly what you will need for a week long juice fast using those three juices and the price of everything. I expect it to be around $30 for a week.

I will keep you posted!!!!

The Healthy Housewife ūüôā

While I’m doing my 7 day juice cleanse I will be refraining from a long list of stuff..

  • ¬†Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • ¬†T.V. (minus my yoga video)
  • ¬†Internet (sadly including my blog)
  • Sex
  • Anything and everything on my iPhone (phone calls, texting, playing games, internet, etc)
  • Chewing any food;¬†except¬†for¬†cucumbers
  • All medicine; I am currently not on any prescriptions but I have been taking OTC pain relievers for my wisdom teeth coming in.

Almost everything on this list will be a huge challenge for me. But everything on this list is also unnecessary. I need to fully focus on myself. So for a week I am going to hang out in my pajamas, read some books, drink a lot of juice, and do some yoga. I feel that in order for me to fully cleanse myself I must find inner peace and simply be happy being alone.  I focus too much on everything else in life and not enough on myself. I am cleansing my body, mind, and soul.

I will have 3 juices, 3 cucumbers, and a gallon of water daily. I choose to eat because last time I got really bad headaches and was unable to exercise, plus it is a lot cheaper than having 6 juices a day. Cucumbers are very filling and when I¬†haven’t¬†ate anything all day they are heavenly! The juices are my “meals” and the cucumbers are my snack. I will be “eating” 6 times a day, which is more than I eat now. Doing a juice cleanse can become quite expensive so I am only using recipes that have a few ingredients. During the week I will have 3 different juices. One being super green! (If you have followed me you know that I have yet to fully be okay with how green juices taste!!)

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Sorry I have been M.I.A the past few days. I FINALLY got a computer so hopefully no more weird rants from my phone! ūüėČ

Me and the hubs also have been busy doing a juice cleanse. I watched an documentary, well actually 2 (“Hungry for Change” and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”) on Netflix and got to work! ¬†I was rethinking everything I had ever put in my body even the things I thought were “healthy”.

We both had no energy and is was a chore just to get up before noon. And for some reason I never¬†contributed¬†that to what I put in my body. I also have had 2 miscarriages and as of right now I am unable to get pregnant¬†again. Which is something that is very personal and heartbreaking for me to say. So as I was sitting there watching these documentaries the thought crossed my mind, “What if what I am putting in my body is affecting my chances of having a family?” Studies have shown that what we eat and/or drink can affect the chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and other disease, so why wouldn’t it effect my¬†ability¬†to have children?
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