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I have my 5K in about a week so I am crazy busy with train and catching up with some school work now that I have a nice quiet house :). The next few weeks are going to be crazy!!!! I have a job interview, that I have a seriously good chance of getting, for something I LOVE!!!! I also have several doctors appointments. And of course my lovely 5K 🙂

I was watching The Biggest Loser a few days ago and the contestants were actually running a 5K. I got so motivated watching that show! It is crazy how things come into your life at the time you need them. So in my mind I know that if 300+ pound people can run/jog a 5K without really training for I know I can do it as well!

I cannot wait to update you on how my 5K went!!!!

**I promise as soon as my 5K is over I will post more recipes 😉

The Healthy Housewife 🙂


Haven’t been on here for several days, I have been super busy!!!! I am training for my 5K (2 WEEKS AWAY!!!), getting insurance switched over (so we can start trying for a baby), filing taxes- no comment on how annoying that is!, interviewing pet sitters, planning our anniversary/celebrate baby making trip ;), job applications, school, and preparing for my hubby being gone for a few weeks starting next weekend….

Like I said I have been busy!!!! It is 5 in the morning here and my hubby’s alarm is about to go off….

Just wanted to hop on and make sure you didn’t think I forgot about you 😉


The Healthy Housewife 🙂

At the end of my 2nd day of juicing, I feel great! I have lost 3 pounds so far! Sad news though…. My juicer has decided to go to juicer heaven :(…. I just got finished making my juice and noticed that it didn’t make a lot of juice… as I was cleaning it out I saw that the “pulp” was large chunks of fruits and veggies…. My wonderful husband has had “kitchen duties” and put my juicer blade in the dishwasher (for those who don’t know it can cause the blade to rust and become dull)… Sigh…. So I am having to take a short break on my juicing until my new juicer comes in… In the meantime I will be eating a raw/vegan diet…

I hate that I have to quit so early but I’m not going to sit around and cry about it!!!

Juice Cleanse…. to be continued….

The Healthy Housewife 🙂

I had a delay in my juicing. I was unable to go to the store until this afternoon so I am starting when I wake up tomorrow. I have however kept my goal to quit smoking!!!!!!!! I am very proud of myself! And even more ready for tomorrow.

I got over my fear from my last post. I am ready to go full charge!!! No matter what happens :). I figure I gotta stay positive and keep going or I will never accomplish anything.

Tomorrow I will post the juicing recipes, what you need for this week juicing cleanse (using my three juices), and what I spent for a week juice cleanse 🙂

The Healthy Housewife 🙂

It is 3 in the morning here and we are getting ready for bed (the hubs works nights so we always go to bed late). When i wake up I am starting my juice cleanse and quitting smoking. I must say I am very nervous.

I didn’t think I would be. But the reality of why I am really doing this juice cleanse and quitting smoking is setting in. I will hopefully be pregnant this year. Even though I have gone through planning for a baby before, I have never had so many emotions. I’m scared that I’m not going to be able to get pregnant, I’m scared that if I do I will have another miscarriage, basically I’m scared that my dream of being a mother will be taken away from me again.

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So I have exciting news times three!!!! First off I reached a milestone today and weigh under 200. Which is huge for me because I never could seem to get past 202 lbs in the past. Very happy about that!

The second being I had a phone interview with a local humane society yesterday. I have my actually interview next week. Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed of working in a place like this so my fingers are crossed!

And I saved the best for last!
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I haven’t been on here a lot because I have been under the weather. I have two wisdom teeth coming in at the same time. One is coming in through the side of my gum and the other has caused an infection and my lymph nodes are swollen. Needless to say I haven’t felt like doing anything, not even cooking :(…

So leaving the kitchen duties to my husband has not worked out as well as I had hoped. I haven’t been eating clean at all these past couple days. So how do I plan to change that?  I am having a juice cleanse to restart my body. I am hoping to go at least a week. I believe getting all the toxins out of my body will help my infection and swelling. I am not going to beat myself up for “messing up” because I don’t believe I did. I feel that this is part of my journey that is necessary. Truth is I have missed juicing and clean eating. And I am so incredibly proud of myself for continuing with my journey instead of throwing in the towel.

So many times I have gave up on some diet because I ate one bad thing… Reality is I was just making an excuse to get off the diet because I wasn’t happy or fulfilled  Clean eating makes me happy, I don’t have to starve myself or eat bland foods, and I feel wonderful.

Instead of feeling bad for myself and making excuse I am doing something about it! New year, new me!!!

The Healthy Housewife 🙂