For the first week of my juicing cleanse I am having the following juices:

My Yum-Yum Juice (Cranberry Citrus)

1Cup Cranberries
1 Orange, peeled
1 Apple
1 Squash
4-6 Collard Leaves

Apple Green Grape

3 Apples
1 Cup Green Grapes
1 Lemon wedge

Red Juice

1 Cup Raspberries
1 Cup Strawberries
2 Apples

The plan I am doing is drinking 3 juices and eating 2 cucumbers a day. Using these 3 recipes, for a full week, you will need:

7 Cups Cranberries
7 Oranges
42 Apples
7 Squash
About 4 bunches of Collard Leaves
7 Cups Grapes
1-2 Lemons
7 Cups Raspberries
7 Cups Strawberries
14 Cucumbers (to eat)

It cost right at 40 dollars for my everything. Which came out to about $1.90 a juice.

Along with the juice cleanse I am in my second day of not smoking!!!! It actually isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think this time is different than the 1,000 other times I tried to quit because this time I actually have a reason to quit.

So if I can quit smoking and do a juice cleanse all while PMSing… I think anyone can do it!!!

Now time for me and my doggie to go on a walk πŸ™‚

The Healthy Housewife πŸ™‚